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Add tier 2 cooking#543

Use oven to bake pie. Tier 2 foods will give temporary bonuses such as max health increase and some other buffs.

a year ago

I love the idea of better food but your example of max hp increase is kindda op

a year ago

Grate idea (:

a year ago

are blueberrrys spam enough ?

a year ago

forgot to mention that the buffs should be temporary, eg. max health increase will only last for 5 minutes, and will reset to normal cap after.

a year ago

This isn’t minecraft. No buffs

a year ago

@John Azar this isn’t minecraft. adds electricity anyways. its illogical man.

a year ago

Already planned, read Roadmap before making this idea. The buff thing will not prob happen, just easier to cook and more advanced cooking recipes.

a year ago

Please Devs, make sure to add #4151 along with Cooking Tier-2!
Rust need this!

10 months ago

I agree with @Lavewa9937.
@Plínio José‘s suggestion is great. Make #4151 with Cooking Tier-2!!!

10 months ago

Let u’s bAkE piEs facepunch in t2 cooking

7 months ago

Be awesome if chickens laid eggs to be used in cooking. have chicken farms. Possibly cows or goats for milk in future? Just throwing out suggestions. sorry if someone already mentioned eggs and milk for cooking in future

5 months ago

add a cooking apron that effects your cooking skills and a pink dress because well we like to look nice doing it! jk

4 months ago

We already have buffs for health, regen, radiation, etc. Will be cool some kind of recipes like temperature bonus for X time -useful on cold biomes, could be +3 degrees bonus as max and its enough -this was seen on The long dark, another survival game-, can be “no hunger for x time” “no thirst for x time” and those bars will not start decay until that amount of time has elapsed.

17 days ago

What the buffs should be instead of op buffs to combat, maybe like convenience buffs where oh you eat tier 2 soup you now have cold resistance but I can see how that could be unfair where you are allowed to wear full metal in the snow. Or maybe eating a tier two food reduces you’re hunger and thirst drain because you are “well fed”.

15 days ago

IMPOV, items that gives too much benefit, should give after effects.

  • The first effect is a buff that gives you advantage…
  • Then it comes the after effects which is a negative effect.

Of course this is only a suggestion, because i think there will be too much OP items that ingame players will stack an huge amount and use the buff one after another on top of each other. So… the more you use more time you maintian your positive effect, but later you will have the same amount of time in negative effect.

For the right moment is very useful to have a cold resistance, but later you will suffer… hehehe

15 days ago