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Recycling in stacks#722

When you recycle sewing kits 1 at a time you get more rope than if you put a stack of them in at once. The same happens with CCTV and Computers resulting in less tech trash. Make it so you get the full value if they are stacked.

5 years ago

thanks for that tip for now

5 years ago

U don’t get more if u do it one at a time its a stupid myth. I have tested it on vanilla.

5 years ago

you do get more jones indiana

5 years ago

some items have a 50% chance to give you a gear or something when recycled, maybe that’s why

5 years ago

This happens because from for example a sewing kit, you get 10 cloth and 1.5 rope, which would be rounded off to 2 rope if you were to recycle them one by one. If you recycle 2 sewing kits you’d get 3 rope.
Same with computers and cameras.

5 years ago

And boy does that feature suck. As if you have the time to sit around all day at the recycler. Well, maybe at safe zones…

4 years ago

It’s bugs like this, that are well known by players and devs and not fixed quickly that are the most annoying. Having to recycle one thing at a time to get a little more from it becomes a requirement. Please fix this type of thing.

4 years ago
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3 years ago