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Ocean Wildlife.#754

Adding Turtles, Dolphins, Whales or even small fishes that you could kill with spears (Primitive way) could and would be an amazing addition to the game since we never actually had any type of ocean wildlife. Even though we have Survival fish traps. Just adding any type of ocean wildlife would imporve the game. Not only for me but for alot of players too.

2 years ago

Already suggested.

2 years ago

no not really.

2 years ago

Doesnt seem like a good idea speaking that more people want optimization adding more npc’s to the game woud just be worse, try again next year though!

2 years ago

Sharks too

2 years ago

Sharks would be amazing indeed.

2 years ago

Literally they have fish traps with NO FISH IN THE GAME

2 years ago

This would be awesome!

2 years ago
Changed the status to
a year ago

add crocodiles in every swamp!!! how the fuck there are not crocodiles

a year ago

I agree with Camilo Rojas, add crocodiles or alligator, they will be very hard to kill but you can get from them teeth and skin to make a cloth from it

a year ago

Sharks, Fish varients, Crocodiles (maybe), turtles, and perhaps a blue whale carcus that occationally washes up onto shore to be harvented for animal fat would be awesome!

a year ago

For me if you had to put a wildlife in the ocean, first its a good idea and second make it at 100%. I explain, you have multiple choice but the more simple is to associate the classic scheme of animal that we found in rust and associate them with”equivalent”.

Exemple :

-Chicken = Tuna, Salmon, stingray,crabs etc …

-Shoal of fish (Like that later when you gonna put fishing you can go on the ocean with your boat catch a lot of fish when you discover a shoal) (care of predator)

-deer/cerf : See lion / See elephant/ Turtle (imagine already a turtle armor )

-boar : Dolphin

  • Horses : manatee (imagine riding something like that would be so cool)

  • wolf : shark (all sort/variety but of course you have to choose only one : GREAT WHITE MF) (CAN ATTACK BOAT so force player to take care of it) (give you the possibility to craft SHARKHEAD when you farm it, hell yeah…)

  • Bear : Killer Whale (dangerous like the bear and can attack boat too)

  • Like the one before me said, adding bigger whale like a RARE animal (Albinos whale? Moby Dick haha?) that you can found and who give lot of animal fat and other ressources…

  • For the crocs maybe add it in the swamp specially..

With all that things ofc your experience in the ocean of rust will never be the same … (nobody gonna swim in the water again hahahah)

But one more things if you do that Put a HARPPON in the game buyable in fishing village or something like that .. maybe t1 harpoon only one ammo, you shoot and take a time to recharge because its a rope on the harppon (possibility to “grab” ?) and T2 like in the game called “Depth” : faster, easier to reload because the ammunition will depend on the number carried. Hope to see that coming

10 months ago

I could see this as if you’re a roleplayer or have a waterbase and simply dont want to go to land they could add a harpoon gun to use with the scuba gear and get food that way.

7 months ago

This would be great if they expanded the ocean and made it a more viable place to be not just for the animals. maybe coral reefs and underwater caves. Making the ocean less of a water desert and more like an actual ocean

6 months ago

A spear gun as a higher tier way to hunt fish would be cool.

5 months ago