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Floating Arrows Go Bye Bye#771

Can we please finally tackle the magic floating arrows when used to destroy junk piles. Sometimes they fall and you can pick them up but in most cases they stay where you shot them for a long time.

I actually try to shoot near the ground so it keeps the emersion real.
Please fix!!

a year ago

You hit the nail on the head with that one buddy

a year ago

You can pick the arrow up know even if it’s floating

a year ago

@EK BTW Not always my dude. Floating ones are not accessible - go try smashing barrels. They magically float.

a year ago

This also comes with the idea of getting hit with arrows, winning and having 4 arrows in you that you grabbed, but it’s still there. A ghost model, it’s annoying.

a year ago
Changed the status to
a year ago

@Maurino Berry Helk i fucking love you about time you joined

a year ago

Alternatively shoot that arrow on a twig structure and destroy the structure. Magic arrow will float for a long time, as you can’t pick it up. Thank you this will finally be fixed.

a year ago

Yea, it has always been a glitch since i started to play the game, 2015

a year ago

Make it to where all missed arrows are broken and only ones that hit flesh are recoverable EZ FIX

5 months ago

If you use a crossbow, the floating arrows can be grabbed as of the fix. However, if you use a normal bow, they cannot be grabbed. It’s strange that the bow matters, but it does.

4 months ago