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Ability to punch#793

if someone loses their rock, allow them to punch others

Daddy Pope
8 months ago

How about the Ability to block

8 months ago

Facepunch dont want u to punch faces

8 months ago

That would take the point out of disarming people. Rocks are not hard to get.

8 months ago

AAAaahhhh minecraft!!!!

  • lets punch trees and get wood!!! aaahhhhh
  • lets punch everything to get resources!!! aaahhhhhh

Now seriously. it’s a good idea, but punch should also hurt yourself too. like 1 or 2 damage for each punch you deal in someone.

And depending on where you punch, you take more damage. otherwise people will be raiding bases by just punching them (oc not, i hope)

  • hit a player and deal 5-10 damage, but receive 1-2 damage
  • hit the ground and receive 2-5 damage
  • hit wood and gather only 20% of resources that a rock would give you, but you receive 1-3 damage
  • other materials you wouldn’t be able to gather or cause any damage but you still receive 1-3 damage for punching anything else.
Plínio José
8 months ago


Ex b
7 months ago

Ex b, how the FUCK does this make the game easier

6 months ago

@Capataina He must hack somehow. that’s why it’s easy for him.

When a game is too easy for someone (specially when using their own computer, right?), then we can be suspicious. IMPOV

Plínio José
6 months ago

Imagine having a boxing match with someone in an arena? They could literally add gloves into the game that look like boxing gloves. That would be lit!

5 months ago

punching will make you loose life / bleed if abused

2 months ago

@Brian That’s why i specified a detailled behaviour up there. I like your idea of bleeding. It could be add bleeding if your health is below a certain percentage.

IMO, facepunch could (IMPOV) expand the health just like “Escape from Tarkov” is. To have localized damaged which can decreasy your movement if your leg is down, make your aim worse if your arm is fuck up. It would open for then a new way for medicine and healling items, which now a days is really poor in the game.

Plínio José
2 months ago