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Add Scout Sniper#8228

Add a tier 2 sniper with a damage less than bolty and a little bit higher than ak’s making it the mid range sniper.. we have bolty’s and L96 for late game but we have none for mid game..

9 months ago

perhaps some kind of Bolt Action rifle such as the Springfield or Mosin Nagant from WW2 would suffice, they’re old but still reliable.

9 months ago

The last thing we need is another sniper snipers should be removed from the game entirely

9 months ago

I have 2 queries:

  1. What type of scope would you have for the scout sniper? Keeping in mind that the 8x scope is level 3… You could introduce a 4x scope, but then that means that you wouldn’t necessarily need to grind for a 8x when you get a bolty… To go a bit more deeper into this, let’s say they do add the scout and a 4x scope and its craftable at level 2, then you have the issue of people adding 4x to semi rifles… This would be deadly combo in my opinion…

  2. Having the scout sniper WILL introduce EARLY GAME ROOF CAMPERS… How would YOU feel dying from your own suggestion in game… You running with a lot of loot and then POP, you are dead, because some person is roof camping with a scout sniper… You would freak out, just like anyone would…

Don’t get me wrong, I do like the idea of adding a new long range weapon… Maybe the scout could be added, but can only be crafted at level 3 and would requires less materials to craft… To research the the scout could be 125 scrap or something like that…

But we will see what happens in the near future…

9 months ago

Make it ak damage, double headshot. Or just use a python with a scope. Same thing.

9 months ago