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allow batteries to charge and discharge at same time#8230

Doing this would make electricity in rust feel more fluid and in line with a lot of other IO systems in other games (IE, Minecraft Tekkit).

Currently it just feels pretty backwards and makes batteries feel clunky to use.

9 months ago

You lose some power to charging but you should be able to charge faster than you discharge now, given enough input power.

9 months ago

You’ve been able to charge and discharge at the same time for awhile now.

9 months ago

Batteries are still fucked. Try hooking two batteries to a root combiner before powering your system. The root combiner will actually draw the required power from both batteries, instead of splitting the required draw intelligently between the two sources. In effect, your system will draw double the power.

Game is broken in so many ways. It’s fucking infuriating.

5 months ago