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Some balances and useful upgrades#8233

1- Lockers must be basic blueprint, because it would be really useful for early game and become more useful
2- Delete hot air baloons completely, Cmon man noone uses those balooons
3- We need to buff cupboards again or nerf air vehicles for balancing rooftop security anf raiding
Here some options;
Option A: no longer putting up twig floors and sticky ladders with building block. So that way we can finally make high external stone walls useful again
Option B: I think minicopter is still more OP than scrap heli. Small,faster more flexible… Nerf it or delete it ooor increase its fuel cost. And buff their spawn rate as well
Option C: Buff Sam Site Turrets…make em more accurate and easy to get them
4- Balancing electric… We need more energy input amount for power sources. Otherwise a huge wind turbine can power up only one auto turret…
5- NPC quarries….. Duuuuudee trust me noone cares about em.Totally useless.Delete all of em and lets create some space for more useful monuments instead of those quarries.ın fact now we have a huge excavator for do that :)
6- Spaeking of which, monuments… They need to be balanced either.Because oil rigs, cargo ship and launch site is more OP and they had more drop rate and precious loot.So thats why other monuments need to lil bit buff
7- Horses.. I really love horse improvements but it looks like too late due to shadow of fact there is no way to keep horses safe.thats why we need to make more improvements for horses,like enable to build stables for them or kinda…

I hope you guys interest to my suggestions
Lets make Rust greater

9 months ago

I have to not agree with most of your suggestions with how i feels the game needs now.

I agree Hot air balloons do need improvement or removal.

You can build twig and ladders on other peoples land because when this was not possible before - you could build bases on tall rocks and you were impossible to raid.

Lockers can be bought at bandit camp for 40 scrap as soon smack a few barrels and if you dont have a level 2 workbench in the first 3 hours of Rust, you need more practice.

Electrical, horses, aircraft are all in a good spot right now and pointless monuments are good for people who like to build in remote areas since they are pretty much dead zones for pvp action.

9 months ago