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Horse bug from Tree Fix update.#8234


Hi Devs, love the Tree Fix update so far - but you buggered up horses a bit.

Since the update you cant walk horses into tight places without them cliping and getting pushed up onto the surface above.

If i have a 2x2 house flush with the ground to walk a hourse into a double or single sheet metal door, before update they could be guided through to store them safley from all the horse molesters in Rust. Now they just pop up on to my roof and in eye site of them…

Can you look into this please, It’s something of a fustration now.


9 months ago

I hope they hotfix this, it is a lot worse then I first though it was.
I lost so many horses and sometimes the game kills the player thinking are out of bounds.

Can it be reverted, it is far worse then it was before. Any it is happening all over the map on differnt objects. I can still make horses float in the air with little trouble.

9 months ago