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Parachute will synergize well with the new air vehicles. Additionally, players wearing a parachute who disconnect in the air (or while in an air vehicle) will cause parachute to auto-deploy allowing them to safely descend to the ground (to prevent player dying as a result of DC while in minicopter).

Parachute takes the place of top layer chest armor.

a year ago

If we get a parachute I would love to see a wingman suit in as well the combination would be awesome!

a year ago

wingman suit would be overkill in this context but a simple parachute that you can crasft and wear like the diving tank would be awesome !

I really need it as i love the mini-copter :)

a year ago

I like this idea. Not just because I’ve always wanted to parachute off the top of the lighthouse but it opens up for some interesting possibilities. You can throw yourself off launch or dome maybe for quick escape. You can take a hot air balloon and fly it high above someone’s compound and jump and with some luck you’ll be landing inside. Most likely greeted by a turret or five and since we don’t have jetpacks or trampolines you’re not necessarily getting out that easy but I think it’d be a very interesting and fun addition to the game.

a year ago

Add minimal steering the same as the hot air ballon so you can descend with some measure of control. Wingman suit would be fun also but should replace entire body like rad suite so you can wingman down but not have any armor protection. Adding this I would also have sam turrets target people as well to prevent dropping into a base.

a year ago

you should be able to shoot from hip only while parachuting, would be pretty nice

a year ago

yes maybe add a parachute that you can only find and maybe also add a makeshift one but bcz u can make it it takes 10hp when u fall cuz ofc its not that good as a normal parachute

6 months ago

I agree with this idea but it should not be a default item when entering a heli you should have to craft it beforehand and it act like a diving tank where you can’t put any armor on your chest

3 months ago
Changed the status to
2 months ago

I get your point of view Mumbo but do you really think people will use it then? The entire point is to make a graceful dismount for disconnect which the devs have not addressed properly in the past. So i think good balance would be to give this to players as they enter helis and not have it consume an item slot, just required in inventory or something.

2 months ago

I understand what you are getting at Chris but I still think the parachute should be a craftable item because it prevents heavy damage taken from a mistake during flight and or players trying to shoot the heli down not to mention it’s a quick escape from SAM Sites

2 months ago

I would like to see the parachute require a level 1 workbench to craft and cost a small stash, some cloth, and 1ft of rope

2 months ago

sounds good

13 days ago