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Train tracks#8702

make the train tracks in monuments join with other monuments

3 years ago

This makes perfect sense and has already been discussed as a future possibility. Active scientist trains running the around the map would be a huge plus as well. Same goes for roads.

3 years ago

And a train runs through that can be jumped onto by horseback or heli, scientists and mili crates on board

3 years ago
Changed the status to
In Progress
9 months ago

While at it, could you please also change so that when tracks are intersecting with roads, they stick out less so that when driving a car through it you don’t flip?

4 months ago

Momuments should all be joinable to the overland rail system. There should also be a percentage that they are NOT (e.g. broken/blown up connection, perhaps they sould be repairable). And for smaller maps, they need to be able to have every momument (e.g. Trainyard). As a developer I know this can be made switchable in code based on other map propertied so it’s just a matter of upgrading all momuments that could have a train line connection (e.g. Harbors, Airfield, Military Tunnels, Done, etc.)

3 months ago