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We need a tier 2 raiding tool.#8991

Satchels are tier 1- explo ammo rockets and c4 are tier 3. We need a new explosive for the tier 2 wb, or as of my personal opinion you should make explo ammo a wb 2 blueprint. I am tired of farming scrap for hours to get tier 3, research the tools to raid, and have to find them too. I would much rather start raiding with tier 2 as satchela are unreliable and can usually raid smaller bas3s than medium and big ones.

2 months ago

yeah progression is broken currently

2 months ago

Aren’t HV rocked currently tier 2 other than they are utter dog 😂

Bradley Woods
2 months ago

@Bradley Woods still they’re pretty innafective

2 months ago

I want a C4 that doesn’t require the tech trash and can be activated with a fuse or wire from a medium-distance (in-between satchel and c4).

Seth Deegan
2 months ago

Maybe make rockets more common and WB2, while reducing their splash damage effectiveness (it’s just way ridiculous someone being able to break open 4 stone walls at same time with 4 rockets)

Matheus Pratta
2 months ago

I don’t see how this suggestion would help the game at all. Would you mind elaborating? So far it just sounds like you want endgame loot immediately instead of having to work for it.

2 months ago

I like this idea but I don’t like the idea of making explo ammo a tier 2 item.

Emmett Penney
a month ago