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Being able to draw on the map again#945

Being able to draw on the map again.


a year ago

Or at least give us option to place markers.

a year ago

Yes! Bring back the craftable Minimap so you can doodle stuff.

a year ago

I always wanted to do this i got the game after the changed that and I think it would be AWESOME!!!

a year ago

I would also say that we can plan trips with allies. Then make the draw shareable

a year ago

I really missed this as well. And now you have a map forever it’s really usefull

a year ago

No. Make this a table top drawable map similar to the table top map in Sea of Thieves. This will also give the table an actual reason to exist for vanilla gameplay.

a year ago

Also with basic shape and input tools like the ones in Paint:

  • circles
  • ellipses
  • triangles
  • rectangles
  • numbers
  • letters

Features like the ellipse drawing could be useful for indicating on the map how many layers of walls some base has. Numbers for classifying how large a base is using your personal metric.

a year ago

if so, then
Sharing only by making a copy of own map and give it a player by dropping it or store it. NO AUTOSHARING!

a year ago

Drawing on the map was one of the most useful features. Its great to mark you base, allies/friends, bases to raid node hotspots, and other unique things on the map that need marking

a year ago

Not only draw, but if you have some cloth(or wood like the oldendays) on you you can export your map(plan) so you coulds share it, similar to the old days.
But with a small difference, who creates the “map drawings” can make how many they want and only the original maker can make them with these drawings/plans.

Now the team leader can make maps and share it with their teammates or even some extra hired help.

9 months ago

This would be nice for when you hide a stash or find a base you wanna raid

7 months ago

It would be nice if everyone at the table could draw common and both temporary/permanent on the map. Crafting a map is a grind. This can be added to the system where each existing player has the map.

5 months ago

I would really like the ability to draw on the same map as my team. Often we’re editing a communal map file on the discord for updates or just using a channel to post coordinates. The problem with this is that teams are disbanded by server restarts =/

4 months ago

it would also give a purpose to the table in general..

4 months ago

I signed up to this site just to post this exact suggestion. We are slowly loosing things that made the game fun 1 by 1. Finding other players maps with base locations on was huge and it could show thier own base or stashes which really made things interesting. Keep the map as it is but if you want to drawn on a map there must be a map in your inventory and if you die that map stays on the body for anyone else to see.

21 days ago